Zoom play for PVADYS!

New to PVADS!!! A ZOOM play for PVADYS!

We are holding open auditions on Sunday 29th November! The well-known play, BLOOD, will be auditioned, rehearsed and performed via zoom technology! Suitable for 10-18-year-old.

AUDITIONS are via zoom. Please email PVADSZoom@pvads.co.uk to be registered for the auditions – we need your email address to schedule invitations for auditions and rehearsals.

You will also need a ZOOM account!

No stage experience necessary but you will need to commit to all rehearsals. BLOOD has 15 characters, but we will endeavour to engage as many youth actors as we can – there may be roles for ‘sound’ and ‘music’ technicians too!

More details will be on our website www.pvads.co.uk or message us on https://www.facebook.com/PVADS/

About BLOOD. The play was originally written by Nettie B Brown for our youth group, PVADYS, and performed at the Bouverie Hall and HJ Festival in 2013. It has since been performed internationally including Prague, Beijing, South Africa, Slovenia, United States, New Zealand and the UK!! But this is the first time it will be zoomed.

Nettie B Brown will be directing this with the help of youth members Renee Hawkins and Eleanor Craddock (Peter Pan)! We also have guest professional actors and PVADS directors who will drop in to give advice!

BLOOD has the following characters:-

Red Blood Cells

Billy and Ruby    –            Old aged red cells.

Queenie              –              Aristocratic, snobbish  and critical.

Ery                          –              Mother figure.

Haem                    –              Practical, confident

Mo                         –              Antagonistic, friend of Haem.

Globin                   –              Miss Brainy.

Alpha                    –              Very young and naive.

Porphy                 –              Very young and naive, excitable.

Thrombo             –              Brash, straight talking.

White Blood cells

Luke/O’Cyte      –              Boisterous teenagers always ready to fight!


The Clots             –              Very dim – eager to be of use platelets.

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