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Zoom play for PVADYS!

New to PVADS!!! A ZOOM play for PVADYS!

We are holding open auditions on Sunday 29th November! The well-known play, BLOOD, will be auditioned, rehearsed and performed via zoom technology! Suitable for 10-18-year-old.

AUDITIONS are via zoom. Please email to be registered for the auditions – we need your email address to schedule invitations for auditions and rehearsals.

You will also need a ZOOM account!

No stage experience necessary but you will need to commit to all rehearsals. BLOOD has 15 characters, but we will endeavour to engage as many youth actors as we can – there may be roles for ‘sound’ and ‘music’ technicians too!

More details will be on our website or message us on

About BLOOD. The play was originally written by Nettie B Brown for our youth group, PVADYS, and performed at the Bouverie Hall and HJ Festival in 2013. It has since been performed internationally including Prague, Beijing, South Africa, Slovenia, United States, New Zealand and the UK!! But this is the first time it will be zoomed.

Nettie B Brown will be directing this with the help of youth members Renee Hawkins and Eleanor Craddock (Peter Pan)! We also have guest professional actors and PVADS directors who will drop in to give advice!

BLOOD has the following characters:-

Red Blood Cells

Billy and Ruby    –            Old aged red cells.

Queenie              –              Aristocratic, snobbish  and critical.

Ery                          –              Mother figure.

Haem                    –              Practical, confident

Mo                         –              Antagonistic, friend of Haem.

Globin                   –              Miss Brainy.

Alpha                    –              Very young and naive.

Porphy                 –              Very young and naive, excitable.

Thrombo             –              Brash, straight talking.

White Blood cells

Luke/O’Cyte      –              Boisterous teenagers always ready to fight!


The Clots             –              Very dim – eager to be of use platelets.

PVADS Youth Theatre.

Do you remember the summer of 2003?

In 2003, for the first time in 12 years, PVADS put on a youth theatre production called ‘NIGHT and DAY’. Under the direction of Nettie Brown, 24 new youth members of PVADS Youth Theatre (aka PVADYS) rehearsed and performed three one act plays (Rabbit, Shadows and A Dogs Life) some dramatised poetry (The Listeners + more) with dance and music too!

The two performances were a huge hit with our audiences and led to many more successful youth productions both in the Bouverie Hall, on tour and winning many awards in One Act Play competitions (A Dog’s Life won Best Actress/Best Youth/Best Dramatic endeavour in 2004). Many of these young actors have gone on to dramatic careers, some reappear in our adult productions, others live in far flung corners of the world – but they are all still part of the PVADS family!!

Liberté, Égalité, Fraternité!

In 2013 PVADS put on a spectacular adaptation of Les Misérables as a stage play – not the musical!

Written by Nettie Brown from the novel by Victor Hugo, set in the June Rebellions of 1832 in Paris.

This was a truly professional production by both adult and youth members of PVADS. We had a stellar cast, an incredible set including a moving barricade, outstanding lighting (with pyrotechnics of course!) contemporary songs and music, video projections, period costumes from our own wardrobe – it was hard work but absolutely brilliant!

On the 14th July we also think of Bastille Day in France. The beginning of the French Revolution marked by the storming of the Bastille in 1789.

Denim Remembered

The pubs are opening soon – take care, as there is always the danger of a bit of DRAMA!!

Here’s a pub/play memory from 2007. DENIM by Jay Saunders directed by Martin Clifton and Nettie BrownJust a typical night down the local. Giles (Darren Little) has always known that he’s adopted, but now he’s terrified he could end up falling for an unknown sibling.

It’s going to take all of his friends efforts to get him out and dating. It might even need a little help from above (Jane Cuff as an angel) and maybe, below (Nick Mitchell-Briggs as the devil).Jay Saunders came to see our final night’s performance and was extremely impressed with the production. It was only after that we found out that this was based on his real-life story of dating as an adopted son.

Some old and new faces in the cast here:- John Lavis, David Owen, Kate Powell and Alexandra Cuff (who enjoyed their cat fight a little too much), Emma Preuss, Steve Clements, Kay Davis, Emma Harris and Brad Harris who was very brave on his debut acting role – as a stripper!!

Midsummer Nights Dream remembered

A timely reminder of another fantastic production in 2012. Set at the solstice festival at Stonehenge starring PVADS own version of Spinal Tap’s Stonehenge song – A Midsummer Night’s Dream!! Happy Solstice PVADS!

Cheshire Cats Remembered

PVADS received this lovely message from Gail Young, the author of Cheshire Cats, today. “Stunning shots of the PVADS – Pewsey Vale Amateur Dramatic Society production of Cheshire Cats 7 years ago. And they gave £1 from every ticket sold to charity – roll on live theatre post pandemic!”

We are very proud to have put on this production – raising several hundred pounds for Breast Cancer.

How Good is your Memory of PVADS


A little historical re-cap:- From that first play in 1930 to the present day, PVADS have performed at least one, usually two, plays a year including thrillers, dramas, farces and one act plays. In 1971 we performed our first Pantomime which has continued annually to ever increasing audiences.

That’s nearly 50 years of PVADS pantos!

Later in the 70’s and we also devised a series of carnival entertainments called ‘Tavern in the Town’ which raised money for carnival funds until 2008.In the early nineties PVADS continued to grow and entertained their audiences with spectacular musicals which continued to 2006

Since Autumn 2002 PVADS have entered annual ‘one act play’ competitions – competing against other amateur societies from the West – and winning many awards for both adult and youth productions. MEMORIES! Here are a few photos, from our archives (more to follow over the coming weeks too!!)Can you name the production? Were you in it? Can you name other cast members? Do you know the year?

Do leave comments on the photos on our Facebook page for all to see!

Let us know if you have any other photos or memories you would like us to share!!

Open Day and Auditions

Yes, it’s that time of year again! Next year’s Pewsey Pantomime in January 2017 will be CINDERELLA

AUDITIONS will be held at the Bouverie Hall on Sunday 23rd October 2016 at 2pm for the chorus and 4pm for the principal roles.

We always welcome new faces – if you have watched previous pantomimes and said to yourself that you would love to take part – now is your chance!


If you are not quite ready to take the leap just yet, but would like to know more about our vibrant local society, we are proud to present our first ever OPEN DAY.

Come along on Saturday 22nd October and find out how we put our productions together. See below for details.

If you get the bug, the pantomime auditions just happen to be the very next day.