PVADS Youth Theatre


There is an active Youth Group ages 10+, PVADYS, who participate in both adult productions and  their own plays. Youth members are encouraged not only to enhance their performance techniques on stage but also to become involved in the technical and backstage teams, and more recently in assistant director roles for several youth plays.

We perform one act plays which we enter into festivals in Wessex with great success. We have won many trophies for Best Youth Play, Best Actors, Best Dramatic Endeavour, Best Achievement in Technical Theatre and BBC Wiltshire Audience awards. 

Membership costs just £8 per year. 

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Many of the plays we have performed have been written in house. With such a wide age range in PVADYS it is not always suitable to find plays that aren’t ‘issue’ based – so director/writer Nettie Brown has developed scripts that are fast paced, subliminally educational for large ensemble casts.

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A Modern Twist – Romeo and Juliet 

                This play takes an amusing look into the way a modern teenager assimilates information from the web for a particular school project, Romeo and Juliet, using YouTube, Wikipedia and a whole host of other sites.  The play focuses on the issue that too much information can be very distracting – with hilarious results. For instance a search for Romeo and Juliet brings up music videos, comedy sketches, Shakespearian acting techniques, mime, puppetry.

Cast size: 16+ 


Ever wondered what you put your body through with the excesses of everyday life? In BLOOD we follow the lives of Porphy and Alpha, two young cells learning about life as a red blood cell. They have to deal with sensations the ‘body’ forces on them as well as getting the measure of their ‘colleagues’ (white cells, platelets and other red cells) at work.An educational comedy for mixed age range.

Cast size 15+


A short comedy , set in the trenches of WW1, about the life of a humble human body louse. These little creatures caused havoc with the health and mental wellbeing of over 3 million soldiers during the war. The dirty, wet conditions with men huddled together for warmth made ideal breeding grounds for these lice. No one was immune – J.R.R. Tolkein, A.A. Milne and C.S.Lewis were all casualties of ‘trench fever’ caused by lice. The play takes a ‘louses’ eye view of their successful campaign!

Cast size 10


A funny but ultimately tragic, thought provoking play about a young adult obsessed with modern war games for whom WW1 is just boring history. But sometimes in life, fantasy and reality can be closer than you think.

Cast size 15+

Age range 13-18

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