Cider With Rosie

cider with rosie


Nick Darke’s stage adaptation of Cider with Rosie brings to life the vivid and lively memories depicted in Laurie’s Lee’s classic novel of his childhood growing up in a small Cotswold village. Fierce winters, glowing summers, poverty, hilarity, friendship, love and murder – it’s all there.

The play follows Loll (Laurie Lee) from his early childhood at the end of WW1 through family life, school, long lazy summers, friendships, neighbours, local characters and first love.

Loll’s family is close and loving, his seven siblings living hand to mouth after being abandoned by their father. It is Lee’s adoring and eccentric mother who is the centre of his world, creating a warm and safe if not rather chaotic environment for her children.

Sensitively directed by Nettie Brown, this experienced cast of PVADS actors, playing multiple roles, bring out all the warmth and pathos of the many characters from Lee’s boyhood years.

The imaginative lighting design and multi functional set will transport you into Lee’s beautiful, haunting depiction of his small world, bound by tradition and community. A timeless place on the verge of change.

Performances at the Bouverie Hall from Thursday 18th to Saturday 20th June at 7.30pm

Tickets:- £8 (£6 concessions) are available online at or Bouverie Hall Box Office (10am to 12pm) from Mon 8th June Tel: 01672 564458/810436

Cast & Crew

Nick Mitchell Briggs    Laurie Lee – Narrator

Emma Coady                 Mother

Hallam Britten              Loll – the young Laurie Lee

Jo Wakeham                 Phyllis / Miss Crabby

Katie Wakeham            Marge / Jo / Barmaid

Lucy Brown                   Doth / Lizzie Berkley

Ben Bateman                Harold / Spadge / Youth 3

Stuart Hartley              Jack / Youth 1 / Mr Brown

Alex Hitchen                Tony / Walt Kerry / Major

Beryl Birch                    Granny Trill / Baroness

Tracey Pullen               Granny Wallon / Mrs Moore

Rob Bottoms                Fred Bates / Squire

John Duckney              Uncle Ray / Vincent / Curate

Chris Smith                  Baker / Vicar / Maurice

Sarah Devine               Rosie / Miss Flynn

Avril Allsop                  Midwife / Hangman

Nettie Brown               Producer and Director


Director                        Nettie Brown

Assistant Director      Avril Allsop

Lighting                        Josh Pratchett

Sound                           Ben Bateman, Avril Allsop, Steve Clements

Backstage                     Kevin Wakeham, Paul Montgomery, Judith Kunkler


Rehearsal Photos

Building the Beams Family and Granny Trill Granny Trill Jones' Goat Laurie Narrator Lol left alone mother and Phyllis Mother at Picnic Mother Tony and Lol Parochial Tea Picnic Rosie and Lol Spadge reading his poem The Girls and Harold The Milkman The School Tony and Marge Uncle Ray and the boys