Youth Theatre

“PVADYS is proof that when the children love what they do and have excellent support and guidance by others that love what they do – they deliver!”


What does PVADYS mean to you? 

Miranda: I love PVADS because it’s a place where we are all treated equally and fairly and we all come because it’s a great opportunity to make friends and compete in competitions that could change everything. I love it because it’s a place where​ you can just be yourself and be happy!

Daniel “PVADS is a great opportunity for young budding actors to have a proper opportunity to do acting, and be directed by a dedicated director (Nettie). Thank you Nettie and the team for being so amazing!”

Rosa: “PVADs provides a fabulous opportunity for the young people involved to see a production from all angles and be part of a real play in locations they may not previously have had the opportunity to act in. Last year the arts centre in Swindon and this year the Woolstore in Codford. I cannot thank you Nettie and the team enough for the work they do (voluntarily!) the opportunities for each young actor, their families and the wider community are fabulous. Daniel loves the acting and the immediate and wider family get to enjoy the plays! Thank you so much!”

Piers: I joined PVADYS last year because I knew it’d be such a wonderful opportunity to enhance my acting skills and strengthen my knowledge on how a play is put together effectively. Performing in Pond Life has only made this more possible than I ever could have imagined. With all the support, everyone at PVADS has helped me build up my character so we can all hopefully put on a great show for you!

Nigel: My daughter has done Stagecoach for some years, at great expense, but has never been given the opportunities that PVADS have provided. She has grown in confidence so much. Thank you.

Pete: Both my girls have had such a fabulous boost in confidence doing Pond Life. They have had to really concentrate and become completely involved through all the rehearsals. They really appreciate all the hard work that goes into a production behind the scenes. Poppy’s dancing looks like me dancing at a rave in 1989!!