Snow White Pantomime 2019

SNOW WHITE & The Seven Dwarfs  by Ben Crocker

   “The wittiest and most original writer working

         in pantomime today” Amateur Stage




FAIRY GOODHEART         A student fairy. Earnest and enthusiastic. Could be played slightly older


WONDERWINGS                 A senior fairy, rather Headmistressish. Female


QUEEN CALIGULA            The glamorous killer queen.  Snow White’s stepmother.


BLACK WING                      An oily baddie. The Queen’s right hand man.


SPEAK TRUE                      The Spirit of the Mirror. Cameo role. Male, but could be played by female


SNOW WHITE                      A beautiful young princess. The principal girl


DOLLY DUMPLING            The Royal Housekeeper. Warm hearted, rumbustious. The Dame.


DANNY DUMPLING           Dolly’s son. Happy go lucky. Male, but could be played by female


PRINCE FREDERICK        The dashing principal boy. Could be played by male or female


BOGWORT                           A Wicked Woodsman of the Wild Wood, but soft hearted and inept. Male


STINKWORT                        Another Wicked Woodsman, but even more inept. Male, but could be played female


TD                               }

GROUCHY                }

SNOOZY                    }

SNIFFLY                   }           The Seven Dwarfs.

CHEERFUL              }

DOZY                         }

DISNEY                     }



“Perfect, proper panto.” The Times, Beauty & the Beast



“The show that still, I think, wins the prize as the sweetest in the land.” The Daily Telegraph, Ali Baba & the Forty Thieves



“This show bounds along and by the end the young crowd – like Cinderella, have had a ball.” The Guardian, Cinderella



“Absolutely delightful panto, put together with wit and verve by Ben Crocker” The Daily Telegraph, Dick Whittington & His Cat



“A glance around at the children – their faces truly shining, eyes wide and mouths open – illustrates the delight that pantomime still provides.” The Times, Dick Whittington & His Cat



“This is a show to be enjoyed by all ages, with enough hearty laughs to lighten anyone’s winter evenings.” Express and Echo, Aladdin



“All the ingredients for a jolly good panto romp are chucked into the mix… a rollicking good laugh from start to finish had the adults wiping tears of laughter from their eyes.” The Stage, Sleeping Beauty



“What really sets this pantomime apart is the quality of Ben Crocker’s script… Make no mistake; any theatre in the land would be proud to stage this top quality show.” Oxford Times, Beauty & the Beast