PVADS @ 90

90 years ago, Pewsey Vale Amateur Dramatics Society, PVADS, was formed.

Our first ever production performed in the old Bouverie Hall was:-THE THIRTEENTH CHAIR by Veiller Bayard directed by Mr J Billington.The cast requires ten men and seven women and is performed on a single but elaborate set, depicting a wealthy drawing room of the era. It is written in three acts, with an intermission between each act; there are no significant set changes, but the play (which involves a séance and medium) requires several “sleight of hand” props and gimmicks.

THE THIRTEENTH CHAIR presents wealthy Mr. and Mrs. Crosby on the verge of announcing their son’s engagement to Mrs. Crosby’s secretary, an attractive young woman of slightly mysterious antecedents. Their dinner guests include Edward Wales, a man preoccupied with discovering who murdered his best friend, killed in a surprise attack with a knife to his back. Wales has provided after-dinner entertainment in the form of Madame Rosalie, a spiritualist who conducts séances. He hopes to obtain some clue to his friend’s killer—but during the séance Wales himself is murdered in the same way. The windows and doors are locked and Madame Rosalie herself is tied to her chair. Whodunit?

What a THRILLING start to our wonderful theatrical history!!

Over the next few months – until we can perform again – we will look at productions since this first show in 1930 to the present day! We have quite a list – and lots of photos!!

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