Old Dogs

Old Dogs                                                         Playwright – Steve Raw

The residents of an old people’s home are left to their own devices when the miserly owner goes on holiday. Ron, the newest inmate, revels in their freedom but Sid and Eric are reluctant converts.  As they settle down to their first illicit drink, a scantily clad woman bursts in, pursued by her pimp!  Murder swiftly follows and they must now dispose of a corpse, a car and re-home a gaggle of prostitutes!

Whatever will happen next? Believe me, not all care homes are the same!

Ron   Retired but still fit and active
Eric   Retired. Not quite as fit and not quite as
Sid   Retired. Not very fit and as active as his walking frame allows
Mrs Rendell   A miserly and grumpy residential care home owner who desperately needs a relaxing holiday
Julie   Very fit and active. Hoping to get on at work but has been mixed up with a particularly unsavoury character whilst trying to earn enough to pay the rent
John   A ruthless individual who enjoys bullying women.  Was fit and active but becomes very unfit and very inactive
Colin Archer   Naïve, trainee care home inspector – has never been allowed to become fit and active, but that will change
Mr Simpson   Member of the council’s Residential Care Home Executive Committee.  Colin’s boss, with a skeleton in the cupboard!
Mrs Archer   Colin’s mum. Has made the occasional slip up but aims to keep her son on the straight and narrow
Mr Smith   Enthusiastic customer  (Cameo role)
Annette   Fit and active, prone to pain  (Cameo role)