Hilarious new Pewsey based audio play – Melbourne Rock

An original audio play in three parts by local playwright,

Nick Craddock

set in the village of Pewsey. 

Professor Reston, a geologist and seismologist working for the Stonehenge bypass tunnel, is staying at the Wessex Arms in Pewsey.  She has stumbled across underground activities which she believes indicates there will be a massive earthquake with an epicentre under Pewsey.

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Incidental music is a Swedish traditional tune, Emma’s Waltz, played by Peter Bromwich on a Hammered Mbira.  This is an instrument designed by American Kinetic Sculptor, Don MacLane, and is a fusion of a Hammered Dulcimer and an African Mbira also known as a thumb piano.

This play is purely fictional and not based on any people living or dead. Any resemblance is purely coincidental.

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