How Good is your Memory of PVADS


A little historical re-cap:- From that first play in 1930 to the present day, PVADS have performed at least one, usually two, plays a year including thrillers, dramas, farces and one act plays. In 1971 we performed our first Pantomime which has continued annually to ever increasing audiences.

That’s nearly 50 years of PVADS pantos!

Later in the 70’s and we also devised a series of carnival entertainments called ‘Tavern in the Town’ which raised money for carnival funds until 2008.In the early nineties PVADS continued to grow and entertained their audiences with spectacular musicals which continued to 2006

Since Autumn 2002 PVADS have entered annual ‘one act play’ competitions – competing against other amateur societies from the West – and winning many awards for both adult and youth productions. MEMORIES! Here are a few photos, from our archives (more to follow over the coming weeks too!!)Can you name the production? Were you in it? Can you name other cast members? Do you know the year?

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Let us know if you have any other photos or memories you would like us to share!!

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