Denim Remembered

The pubs are opening soon – take care, as there is always the danger of a bit of DRAMA!!

Here’s a pub/play memory from 2007. DENIM by Jay Saunders directed by Martin Clifton and Nettie BrownJust a typical night down the local. Giles (Darren Little) has always known that he’s adopted, but now he’s terrified he could end up falling for an unknown sibling.

It’s going to take all of his friends efforts to get him out and dating. It might even need a little help from above (Jane Cuff as an angel) and maybe, below (Nick Mitchell-Briggs as the devil).Jay Saunders came to see our final night’s performance and was extremely impressed with the production. It was only after that we found out that this was based on his real-life story of dating as an adopted son.

Some old and new faces in the cast here:- John Lavis, David Owen, Kate Powell and Alexandra Cuff (who enjoyed their cat fight a little too much), Emma Preuss, Steve Clements, Kay Davis, Emma Harris and Brad Harris who was very brave on his debut acting role – as a stripper!!

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