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Zoom play for PVADYS!

New to PVADS!!! A ZOOM play for PVADYS! We are holding open auditions on Sunday 29th November! The well-known play, BLOOD, will be auditioned, rehearsed and performed via zoom technology! Suitable for 10-18-year-old. AUDITIONS are via zoom. Please email

PVADS Youth Theatre.

Do you remember the summer of 2003? In 2003, for the first time in 12 years, PVADS put on a youth theatre production called ‘NIGHT and DAY’. Under the direction of Nettie Brown, 24 new youth members of PVADS Youth

Liberté, Égalité, Fraternité!

In 2013 PVADS put on a spectacular adaptation of Les Misérables as a stage play – not the musical! Written by Nettie Brown from the novel by Victor Hugo, set in the June Rebellions of 1832 in Paris. This was

Denim Remembered

The pubs are opening soon – take care, as there is always the danger of a bit of DRAMA!! Here’s a pub/play memory from 2007. DENIM by Jay Saunders directed by Martin Clifton and Nettie BrownJust a typical night down

Midsummer Nights Dream remembered

A timely reminder of another fantastic production in 2012. Set at the solstice festival at Stonehenge starring PVADS own version of Spinal Tap’s Stonehenge song – A Midsummer Night’s Dream!! Happy Solstice PVADS!

Cheshire Cats Remembered

PVADS received this lovely message from Gail Young, the author of Cheshire Cats, today. “Stunning shots of the PVADS – Pewsey Vale Amateur Dramatic Society production of Cheshire Cats 7 years ago. And they gave £1 from every ticket sold

How Good is your Memory of PVADS

HOW GOOD IS YOUR MEMORY OF PVADS? A little historical re-cap:- From that first play in 1930 to the present day, PVADS have performed at least one, usually two, plays a year including thrillers, dramas, farces and one act plays.

PVADS @ 90

90 years ago, Pewsey Vale Amateur Dramatics Society, PVADS, was formed. Our first ever production performed in the old Bouverie Hall was:-THE THIRTEENTH CHAIR by Veiller Bayard directed by Mr J Billington.The cast requires ten men and seven women and

Happy 75th VE Day Celebrations

Happy 75th VE day celebrations!! In 2009 PVADS youth members researched to put together a play of WW2 memories. We visited grave memorials at local churches, the county school and events records at Trowbridge and also spoke to local residents