Around the World in 80 Days



“Fast paced, witty and gripping performance”
“Every aspect of this performance was exceptional and genuinely a must see . . Nothing amateur about it. . .pure genius.”
“Such fun – awesome staging and costumes”
” The whole cast were superb”



Tickets for Around the World in 80 days go on sale at the Bouverie Hall Box Office THIS Monday June 5th!

PVADS bring to the stage Laura Eason’s celebrated West End theatre adaptation of the classic novel by Jules Verne. This talented cast of 10 actors, playing over 100 characters, will be travelling from London, to India, from Italy to New York, on boats, trains and…an elephant.

Our journey ‘Around The World in 80 Days’ starts with Mr Phileas Fogg, an eccentric, wealthy gentleman, making a wager of £20,000 (£2 million in today’s money) that he could circumnavigate the globe in 80 days.
With his new valet, Passepartout, they set out on an epic journey encountering numerous obstacles on their way. Will they make it back to the Reform Club, in London, on time?

It’s an incredibly fast paced, high energy, comedy adventure!
Great family entertainment.
Suitable for aged 7 upwards.

PVADS are pulling out all the stops to bring an internationally acclaimed adaptation of Around the World in 80 Days to Wiltshire!
109 characters, 10 actors, 6 trains, 6 boats, 4 fights, 2 dances, 1 storm, a circus act and an elephant will take centre stage in this much-loved escapade.
Around The World In 80 Days on at the Bouverie Hall, Pewsey from 15th-17th June!
Tickets £9 & £7(concessions) Book online at
“This new stage version is off the wall, refreshingly unconventional, and celebrates our world – what could be better.”

 This is a tremendous adaptation of Jules Verne’s classic Victorian adventure novel. It is full of high speed action and some very interesting characters. One in particular is Mrs Aouda – the love interest – who is rescued from a ‘suttee’ by Phileas and Passepartout. Amazingly Jules Verne, writing in 1873, made her a striking, forthright and single minded woman. She is certainly no ‘shrinking violet’ and is brilliantly played by Georgia Elson who manages to portray Mrs Aouda’s intelligence, passion and very modern global perceptions with great sensitivity.


Fabulous rehearsal photos 21 st May

Rehearsal photos 14th May

Miss Singh (Nell Cathcart-James), Passepartout, Naidu and Fogg make a plan of action to rescue Ms Aouda

Ms Aouda (Georgia Elson), Passepartout (Chris Smith), Inspector Fix (Andy Vowles) and Phileas Fogg (Paul Snook) enjoy the scenery from the Train across the Plains

Passepartout enjoys a Titanic moment on board the Henrietta

Phileas and Mr Naidu (John Duckney) discuss the fate of Ms Aouda





Behind the scenes- set, costume and prop making:

Rehearsal Photos:

        After really well attended auditions on Sunday the 19th February – where director Nettie Brown encouraged everyone to don hats, saris, create human pyramids and ride an elephant – we are pleased to announce the cast list for Around the World in 80 Days!


Paul Snook       –           Phileas Fogg

Chris Smith      –           Passepartout

Andy Vowles    –           Inspector Fix

Georgia Elson  –           Mrs Aouda


John Duckney  –           Mr Ralph, Beggar Woman, Mr Naidu, Rangoon Purser, Opium Smoker, Batulcar, Colonel Stamp Proctor, Engineer +

Tracey Pullen-           Flower seller, Angry Malabar Man, Aouda Guard, Calcutta Policeman,  Captain Blossom Von Darius, Circus performer, Mr Mudge, +

Nell Cathcart-James – Mr Flanagan, Suez Consul, Miss Singh, Opium Smoker, Carnatic Purser, Circus performer Luigi, Train Porter, Liverpool Policeman +

Avril Allsop      –           Gentleman/Clubman, Mongolia Purser, Bombay Consul, Peninsular  Train Conductor, Aouda Guard, Clerk, Circus Performer +

Pete Bromwich –         Street Sweep, Mr Stuart, Angry Malabar Man, Aouda Guard, Hong Kong Consul, Opium Smoker, Circus Performer, Captain Speedy, +

Diane Bromwich –       James, Angry Malabar Man, Aouda Guard, Judge Obadiah, Circus Performer, General Grant Purser, Liverpool Policeman +

PLUS:– When not playing a character you will be ‘extras’ in each scene eg: Italians in Brindisi, Mongolia Passengers, Bombay Bazaar sellers, Indian Train Passengers, Calcutta Crowds, Rangoon Passengers, Hong Kong residents/sellers, General Grant Passengers, Bandits attacking train, Henrietta Crewmen …

….and also props/furniture or movers and shakers!!

Beryl Birch      –           World Map Transport Executive

Tracey Pullen  –           Understudy and Senior Moment Liaison Officer (prompt)

Judith Kunkler –           Props, cogs, levers, flame throwers and elephant handler (off stage)

Susan Bothamley –      Hong Kong Sweat Shop manager.

Production Team:  Nettie ‘Bossy’ Baskcomb Brown, James ‘Shorts’ Keepence, Hayley ‘Cakey’ Martin, Rob ‘Light up your Life’ Bottoms